In what order are items auctioned off?

At 9:00 AM, miscellaneous items such as seasonal flowers or produce are auctioned off followed by small animals including chickens and rabbits. At 2:00 PM, calves, feeders, fats, bulls, cows, pigs, sheep and goats are sold.

As a seller, what do I need to do to be included in the auction?

Sellers simply need to drop off their livestock on the previous day or the day of the auction. Your payment can either be picked up after your stock is sold, or it can be mailed to you.

When are the auction’s held?

The auctions are held every Monday regardless of the weather or Holiday.

What time do I need to bring things to sell for the auction?

Check In Times

  • Livestock Only: Sunday @ 2 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Everything (including livestock): Monday @ 8 AM – end of day

As a buyer, what do I need to do?

Just bring your driver’s license to the front office and they will issue you a buyer’s number. After that simply place your bids on what you want to purchase!

What systems are in place to ensure sales are safe and secure?

Aside from being in business for more than 60 years and being licensed, bonded and insured, 84 Auction Sales has adopted the newest technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy of sales. Our system also helps speed all processes along, so you can get back to your farm!

How does 84 Auction Sales show its commitment to the agricultural community?

As a family, we believe wholeheartedly in community. We believe we’ve created this with our auctions. Our customers have become our “auction family,” which we do not take lightly.

To further this sense of community, we occasionally host a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) event. Each event includes a speaker such as Ron Gill, Professor and Extension Livestock Specialist/Associate Department Head for Extension at Texas A&M University, provides valuable information related to the cattle industry, and promotes comradery among local farmers. Stay tuned to learn more about the next BQA event. (Potential graphic: image of child with a calf & text that says: “We believe in the future of agriculture.”)

Download our buyer registration form here.